5 tips for a resume that opens doors

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Caroline Parent

A resume is the first point of contact in a company's hiring process for a new job. It is therefore crucial that yours conveys to the company where you are applying for a job the essential information the company needs. All things considered, your resume may be what makes the difference between landing an interview or not.

Your resume must be:

  • Clear;
  • Concise;
  • Up to date;
  • Honest;
  • Complete.

Step 1: Identify the information you want to include on your resume. This is where you decide what personal information you wish to include. (For example, your marital status or a photo.) A resume usually starts off with your personal information and your contact information (i.e., telephone number, e-mail address, LinkedIn profile name).

Step 2: When writing your resume, keep in mind the position for which you are applying. Emphasize those qualities and experiences necessary for the job. Recruiters are usually looking for the skill set best suited to performing the tasks required of the position. It may therefore be quite worth your while to take the time to amend your resume to adapt it to the position you are seeking. This has nothing to do with lying or with making up experiences! It simply means highlighting the skills or qualities you already possess.

With this in mind, here are 5 additional tips for writing a killer resume!

Stay honest

It is important to be accurate as to your work experience and your qualifications. Provide your dates of employment, and if you don't rememeber them, be as accurate as possible. It is always better to provide an approximate timeframe than nothing at all.

Watch your spelling!

This is true of every document you write. Cumulative spelling errors might harm your credibility. If in doubt, you can resort to spell-check software or to an old-fashioned dictionary! 

Emphasize your experiences and your skills

It is important that you showcase your professional qualifications, and most important that you mention your most recent experiences first. Give top priority to those that are most relevant to the position you seek.

Specify the tasks you accomplished

When writing up your resume, do not forget to list the tasks and duties you performed as part of your previous professional experiences. This will help the recruiter assess your past achievements.

Presentation matters!

A resume must be structured and presented in a simple, effective manner. Usually, it should not be lengthier than two pages. Hence the need to include only relevant information. So keep all the juicy details for the interview!

We live in a world where image is the currency, and this is true of your resume as well. Accordingly, sprinkle your resume with bullet points and short phrases so that your message gets across simply and quickly. 

And remember to be creative!