Employee profile: Marilou Bélanger

Témoignage Marilou Bélanger_umanico

Marie-Hélène Hogue

Umanico is proud to introduce an employee whose professionalism and reliability are much appreciated by her coordinator: Marilou Bélanger.

1- How would you describe your work day?

I'm an early riser, because I like doing my makeup and getting ready for work. When I've had breakfast and am ready to go, I drive to the Caisse where I've been assigned for the day. If I don't have a work assignment scheduled on a particular day, I make sure my cell phone ringer volume is turned all the way up, because I'm a sound sleeper. When I arrive at the Caisse, and if it's one I haven't been to before, I introduce myself and inquire as to where the essential facilities like the cloakroom, dining room, employee room, and so on are located. I then meet with the manager to obtain my codes for the day or week, depending on the duration of my assignment. All day long, serving clients is my priority. Sometimes I may be asked to perform certain tasks, or if the day is slow I will do tasks such as filing, ATM envelopes, funds releases, deposit captures, counting petty and US cash for closure, and night-deposit captures. During the day, I make sure I know when my breaks and meal times are. When my work shift ends, I make sure all is under control and that I can leave my post, and I take leave of everyone as I go.

2- What are your main professional challenges?

My main everyday challenge is to ensure each member leaves the Caisse fully satisfied with the service they've received. Most members appreciate the quality of service I provide, and this pleases me; however, some may occasionally be dissatisfied when they leave because a particular need has not been met. This displeases me. Or sometimes I may not be able to answer a member's particular question and need to check with another person so I can answer the question or meet that need. I would like to be able to answer all member questions myself and make sure all their needs are well met.

3- If you could change one thing about your work, what would it be?

Because I move about frequently throughout the Caisses network, I am not familiar with the members I serve. I would like to get to recognize the members and have them know me too. Some of my colleagues know a great many members, some even on a cordial, personal level, and I see these as nice relationships to develop between members and employees.

4- What is your philosophy?

I believe with all my heart that everything in life happens for a reason, and that all the events and moments of our lives lead to something better or more enriching.

5- What is on your wish list for the next five years?

I would like to complete a Bachelor's in Administration, which I intend to start next fall. I hope, following my three-year Bachelor of Accounting and an additional year of studies to obtain the CPA designation, to land a good job as a chartered professional accountant. I haven't yet decided whether I prefer to work in the private sector, for the government or for an accounting firm. I'll figure it out once I've done my various internships.

6- What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate, hands down! I have a definite sweet tooth. I could eat a chocolate fondue every day, because I also love all kinds of fruit. However, I need to control myself. I keep chocolate as a special treat to reward myself and for weekend consumption only.

Thanks, Marilou, for answering our questions. We've gotten to know you a bit better!