How can one be a good temporary resource?


Caroline Parent

Nowadays, different types of businesses turn to placement agencies for help filling temporary positions. This type of recruitment affords numerous opportunities to candidates seeking employment as well as to companies that do not have the time to oversee the management of new hires.

This type of recruitment has many positive aspects for the candidates. It enables them to:

  • Converge toward distinct and varied types of jobs, tasks and work environments;
  • Maintain a certain flexibility in their work hours;
  • Discover different routines and ways of working;
  • Form new relationships and forge new professional ties;
  • Acquire in-the-field work experience;
  • Open doors within a company.

Distinguishing oneself as a worthy temporary resource can therefore benefit any candidate. Indeed, this might even lead to landing a permanent position within the company where you have worked as a temp. An organization generally looks to its own employees who have held temporary jobs when the need arises to fill an open permanent position. Having already had the opportunity to work with a candidate beforehand, the company is already aware of that person's skill set and work experience. Making a good impression as a temp, therefore, might lead to opportunities later on when you least expect it.

Even if you do not intend to have a career with a particular company, making a good impression will always help you to establish good contacts, open doors and even obtain excellent employment references.

Maintain good communication

Maintaining effective communication is a key element of a  temporary job. As a temporary resource, you are called upon to work far from your employer, which is the agency. It is thus crucial that you maintain excellent communication with your superiors. Should you encounter any problems, it is appropriate that you advise them of this, as your employer is not present and cannot be expected to understand a situation that only you are experiencing. Indeed, the main duty of the recruiter or coordinator is to provide support to his/her resources and be an active presence for any issues. 

When in doubt, it is preferable to communicate, in order to obtain a solution that will lead to a better work environment.

Moreover, it is important to always take the proactive step of introducing yourself to the employees of the company where you will be working as a replacement, so that they can be acquainted with you.

Be capable of adapting

As a temporary employee, you must be able to quickly adapt to new situations. Change is inevitable and the best way to manage it is to not only accept it, but to appreciate it!

Have a good attitude

During your various assignments as a temporary resource, always remember that you represent the agency. A positive attitude, courteous service and professional conduct are therefore mandatory when dealing with a company's clients or employees. These companies will take note of the way you carry yourself, and this may have a significant impact when future opportunities arise.

Show autonomy and be accountable for your hours worked

As an employee of the agency, you are responsible for keeping a record of your hours during a work week. Make sure you manage this task in a simple, effective manner, keeping up-to-date and signed timesheets with you at all times. This will ensure your prompt payment and also let the agency employing you know that you are an autonomous and resourceful individual.

Should you face a problem or be unsure of the proper procedure to follow, do not hesitate to contact your employer for guidance.

Avoid moving in permanently

It is advisable to bring with you a minimum of personal items when beginning a temporary position within a company. Indeed, not doing so might create the impression you want to move in for good! The assignment may, however, end more quickly than originally planned, so it is practical to bring items that are replaceable in case of an unexpected change.