“From teller to regional manager”

Témoignage Kim Boiteau

Kim Boiteau

In the summer of 2009, as a new arrival in a small city in the Montérégie, I was looking for work in my field of study. It seemed difficult. I was up for new challenges, so I went to apply directly to Desjardins. They explained they did not hire directly and that I had best proceed through an agency. It was on the Emploi Québec Web site that I found MY agency: Umanico. They were running many ads, the job descriptions seemed interesting, and the salary was good: I went for it! I started out as a teller, a member service representative, and then, after having been trained myself, I began providing practical training to the new N3s. I loved it! In the fall, I was handed my biggest challenge yet: filling in for the regional manager during her maternity leave! I rose to the challenge, not without some nervousness or apprehension, but one thing was clear: I had found my career. I've held the position for 5 years now. I am happy and proud of my story.

My advice for candidates: Sometimes it's the small doors that lead to the biggest jobs. I'm living proof!