Banking Umanico bancaire

For 30 years, we have partnered with the Desjardins caisse network for the temporary placement.


Talent placement in the financial sector constitutes Umanico’s roots. For over 30 years, we have partnered with the bigest financial cooperative for the temporary placement of N3 and N4 positions as well as for temporary additional resources in administrative support. Each year, over 50% of our employees working in our team obtain a permanent position and can start their career in the financial services industry.

Our turnkey offering and our reputable training allow candidates to be confident and hit the ground running in their new jobs:

  • Structured theoretical training with OMA simulators and Internet portal in the classroom Internship supervised by an experienced coach
  • Formal evaluation at each stage of training MD2 online training
  • Training on Desjardins’ product and service offering
  • Ongoing training on standards and procedures for security, operational risks, and fraud patterns in Québec
  • Complementary training for N3 positions
  • Possibility of advancement to N4 ASM 
  • Bonus incentive program for reaching sales targets

Available Positions