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Since 1987, we have been recruiting and assigning personnel throughout the province of Québec.


Since 1987, we have been recruiting and assigning personnel throughout the province of Québec, for permanent and temporary positions alike.

Today, recruitment constitutes a highly strategic part of business. Umanico provides solutions for finding, recruiting and placing managers, professionals and technicians, as well as support in a variety of activity sectors. Our approach is integrated and customized, and we offer three types of services to assist you.

• Recruitment of temporary personnel

Are your needs of a cyclical or seasonal nature? Umanico possesses a wealth of expertise in the placement of temporary personnel. Umanico handles the full array of management needs for temporary personnel: administrative, payroll, and disciplinary. Our fees are based on a percentage of an employee’s hourly remuneration.

• Headhunting for permanent personnel

Searching for that rare gem for a permanent position? Umanico’s teams analyze your company culture and technical environment and rapidly adapt to your staffing processes. For some positions, the best way to proceed is through headhunting, because the best talents out there are not necessarily actively looking for a job! Our approach enables us to identify the best managers, professionals and specialists who may or may not be looking for new employment opportunities. Our talent acquisition consultants are licensed recruiters and use the latest search techniques to sift through potential candidates’ profiles with a fine-tooth comb.

• Outsourcing your recruitment

Have you got many positions to fill and little time in which to fill them? Or perhaps a one-time need? You can count on us to handle part or all of your recruitment process. Our team of professionals will deliver a solution and tools tailored to your needs and adapted to your company culture.

Our expertise spans the following sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Agrifood
  • Engineering and transportation
  • Administrative support

Our method:

  • Detailed inventory of needs
  • Planning of the selection strategy
  • Researching and approaching potential candidates
  • Evaluation of candidates (tests, background checks, etc…)
  • Presentation of selected candidates
  • Verification of references
  • Assignment of resources
  • Post-placement follow-up

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