Our stories

“I’ve been with Umanico 23 years, and not a dull day!”

By Nathalie Dauphin

I’m an old-timer. I’ve been working for Umanico for 23 years! I’m fortunate enough to occupy several positions at the Desjaridns caisses: member service representative, telephone support representative, and receptionist.

I like action and I loathe routine. Working several positions suits me perfectly. It keeps me in the loop and means I never get bored. Interaction with people, whether clients or colleagues, is at the heart of what I do. I meet a lot of people, and my seniority often means that I am the team’s go-to person. I like that!

Umanico holds a special place in my heart. The team has always listened to me, and I’ve always been able to balance my mandates with my family life. For a single mom, that is priceless. Thank you!