“it opens doors”

by Audrey Jacques Michaud First I was a teller, then a telephone agent, a receptionist, and today, just 1 year after my initial training, I’m a member service representative. Umanico has helped open several doors at Mouvement Desjardins, consolidate my experience and boost my self-confidence. Today, my goal is to become a trainer. Support is […]

“I’ve been with Umanico 23 years, and not a dull day!”

Our stories By Nathalie Dauphin I’m an old-timer. I’ve been working for Umanico for 23 years! I’m fortunate enough to occupy several positions at the Desjaridns caisses: member service representative, telephone support representative, and receptionist. I like action and I loathe routine. Working several positions suits me perfectly. It keeps me in the loop and […]

“I love working at Molson/Coors!”

  I have worked at Molson/Coors since 2015. I’ve always wanted to work here, and I had no problem working on a contractual basis until a permanent position came along. Today, I’m one of those lucky people who love their work. I want to evolve within the company and move up the ladder. I am […]